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[Player information]
Player Name: Harper
Age: 21
E-mail: bittersweetnectarine@gmail.com
Other characters played at Cape Kore: N/A

[Character information]
Name: Steven "Steve" Grant Rogers
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon Point: Post-Avengers
Age: 27 physically, technically 94

Appearance: Blond, blue-eyed, and made up of toned muscle, Steve looks like he's walked out of the movies. Rarely is a hair out of place on his short, regulation length hairstyle, which he takes care to slick back every day. His face is youthful and has pointed features (due to the fact that he was not actually born with a muscular frame) while his body is tall, and firm to the touch. He is an extremely simple and modest dresser, still wearing what was popular in the 40's rather than more modern fashion. Simple slacks, button-up plaid shirts, and bland loafers are his most exciting apparel. He does tend to wear his leather jacket (it's vintage) when he goes out for errands or occasions.

- One red, white, and blue uniform (complete with gloves, boots, and stupid looking mask).
- Vibranium-alloy shield (also red, white, and blue).
- Utility belt containing mini first aid kit and several pouches.
- Dog tags (which are usually stuffed under whatever he's wearing).

Abilities: Steve's got powers that come from a "super soldier serum" that was developed by a doctor named Abraham Erskine in the 1940's. This serum was administered to him when he was but a frail and skinny man and it transformed him into a built, ideal soldier ready for combat. He now has formidable strength, stamina, agility, dexterity, and reflexes. He also is able to heal faster than normal, although this can have some side effects (such as not being able to get drunk or high using normal substances).

When in combat, he uses a shield that was crafted for him by Howard Stark made of vibranium, a metal that absorbs impact. Not only is he able to use it to suck up momentum and vibration from objects, but he can also throw it to disable his enemies. He's also trained in firearms, but prefers to use his fists or shield (as firing a gun usually results in death, which he'd like to avoid in most circumstances).

History: http://marvel-movies.wikia.com/wiki/Steve_Rogers_%28Marvel_Cinematic_Universe%29

Personality: Ever since he was a boy, Steve's had a hatred of injustice and people who take advantage of others. When he was bullied as a kid, he learned to be kind to others and to stand up for those that couldn't defend themselves, even though it meant putting his life in danger. When he was transformed into a super soldier, he retained many of the positive values that he grew up with; integrity, honor, respect, and trust. Because of this, he was an ideal leader during the war. However, when it came to social situations, Steve was still awkward and tended to have a lot of "foot-in-mouth" situations. He's not the best conversationalist, and now even more so since he's a fish out of water in the 21st century.

Steve's a patriot but he's not always proud of the things America does. He's always trying to find ways that he can shape the future and make it better. He believes in the core values of freedom, liberty, and justice for all, but even with his old-fashioned values sees that there are things that need changing. He'll help stand up for people who have been wronged, even if it means facing his country's government. That's not to say he cares only about America, he'd do the same for anyone else in any other country. If someone's in need, someone's in need.

He sometimes feels lost in the modern world. He's beginning to overcome certain obstacles that confused him when he first arrived, but he's not always quick to grasp the concept and it may take him several minutes to accomplish a simple task. He's not against new things, he's just more comfortable with the old.

Grief is something that Steve learned to deal with at a young age. His father was killed by mustard gas in WWI, before Steve was born. His mother raised him alone, but she succumbed to tuberculosis when Steve was 16 and thus, Steve was left without any family to live with. Because of that, he learned the value of life and that it can be taken away just as easily as it can be given.

One of the things he fears most is oppression. Ever since the horrors of WWII, he's been extremely against any form of oppression. He also can't stand any unconstitutional acts. You can bet he'll be opposed to doing anything unethical or immoral, even if the means justify the ends. He doesn't get his hands dirty like that, nor does he plan to. If someone he knows tries to, he'll have to stand up to them. He'd rather die before letting innocent people fall in harm's way.

Something not many people know is that Steve has never had an actual relationship. He met many beautiful women in the war, but he never got close to any of them, nor did he have the guts to talk to them. He only exchanged a few reluctant and flustered smooches with them. The only woman he ever loved was Peggy Carter, a British officer in the war, who supported him with words of encouragement and helped him out during his tour in the war. His last words before he was frozen underwater were to her, asking her out on a date. A date they'd never have. He's still completely uneducated about the ways of romance and ever since losing his chance with Peggy, he has felt sore about it.

Though Steve might not be the most outgoing person, nor the most socially skilled, he will make an attempt to mingle and join in on fun when it's not too crazy. He does enjoy the company of other people, and tends to feel better when surrounded by friends and allies. If things start to get out of hand, he'll make sure the people around him are being safe and will do what it takes to make sure they're not going to hurt themselves or anyone else.

First Person: (one) / (two) / (three)

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